Assoc. District Judge in
in the 246th District Court of
Harris County, Texas
and Municipal Judge of
Jacinto City for four years
eART SCAN self-Portrait
using Terry's new technique to
create a new Art Form
scanned in 2001
Vital Speakers Programs at
Holy Trinity United
Methodist Church-2003
Recent photo in
October, 2005

Biographical Information and
Curriculum Vitae


Terry is a native Texan who was born in Austin in 1934. During WWII, He moved with his parents to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Terry graduated from Will Rogers H.S. in Tulsa and obtained a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. He also completed all classroom work on an MBA Degree at Tulsa University, before moving to Houston, Texas in 1959.

Terry received a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree (J.D.) from South Texas College of Law in 1964. Terry went through Law School in the minimum time, while traveling 38 counties as a sales representative, married with his wife at home and four children.

He attended class from 5:30 to 10:30 PM, Monday through Friday, graduating at the top 15% of his class at South Texas College of Law in 1964. Prior to graduation however, Terry took and passed the State Bar Exam, making one of the highest grades at the Summer 1963 Exam, although he had not yet taken five Bar Courses, when he took the exam.

Terry has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1963 and is also licensed by the Federal Southern District of Texas and the U.S. Fifth Circuit. He is a trained Mediator and Arbitrator with a number of years of experience doing that as well as practicing law.

Terry served four years as a Municipal Judge in Jacinto City, Texas (a small city near Houston, also in Harris County). In 1986 Terry served as the Assoc. District Judge in the 246th District Court of Harris County, Texas (Houston).

Terry has four grown children, six grandsons and one granddaughter.

Terry has belonged to Holy Trinity United Methodist since about 1959 and has served in many capacities, including as Trustee, Pres. of United Methodist Men, Chairman of FLAME, sang in the Choir, been a Sunday School Teacher and a number of other things. He is presently the Secretary of UMM for the fourth year in a row.

During the Korean War, Terry volunteered for the Oklahoma Air National Guard and later the United States Air Force Reserve, where he was a member for about eight years. He took and passed the Air Force Officer Candidate's Correspondence Course with over a 96% average. Terry has been an Asst. Scout Master, an Explorer Scout Post Advisor and a merit badge counselor, for the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout.

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Terry practices Law and does Mediation and Arbitration work for a living. However, all his life, Terry has been creative in a wide range of fields.

Terry was nominated by Texas State Senator Don Henderson in 1986 for the Texas Legislature's "Texas Artist of the Year". There are only about 10 or 12 people in the State of Texas who are nominated for this honor each year.

Terry has won a number of art awards for his paintings. He works mostly in water colors, but has turned out a number of oil paintings in years past, a few acrylics, a few mixed media, and a prolific number of Pen & Ink drawings.

Terry does many of the Pen & Ink drawings while in Court waiting on Judges, Juries and other times when time would be wasted waiting on something. Terry kills that time with these creative Pen & Ink drawings, using the same pen he uses for law work and usually just 8½" x 11" or sometimes 11" x 17" paper. These Pen & Ink drawings now number almost 100, most are very detailed and almost all contain something alive, usually somewhat hidden for the viewer to find. (for instance a pond scene may have insects, spiders, a fish or two, a frog and usually often some pretty detailed plants. It is fun to see what you can find in the Pen & Ink drawing)

Terry's major contribution to ART in the past 3 or 4 years is his discovery of what he calls eART SCANNING. This is truly a new Art Form which Terry is attempting to spread the word about and induce others to learn and use this new Art Form themselves.

Terry has a book on eART SCANNING describing in detail how to do this new Art Form; many suggestions to help others on the way; and some detailed information on scanning, computers and terminology. The Book is worth the price in just gaining information about things you can do with your computer and your scanner: * create art work; * for attorneys on how to create exhibits of evidence; * learn how to store information on small items for insurance, probate and other uses; * learn some of the terminology and details about dpi, pixels, reduction of graphics, moving and changing text and copy for web sites and many other things. Learn details on how to create frameable artwork for pleasure and profit.


Terry is an award winning writer, many times over: In the past three years, Terry has won awards for scientific articles published in the BackBenders Gazette, the publication of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society. Terry has placed in the top awards in the past three years with the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS). In 2001, Terry won THIRD PLACE nationally with the AFMS for his article "Knowing Your Age", which was on how scientist tell the age of formations and artifacts, using various tests. Terry's article described scientific tests which geologists and other scientists use to determine geological age. Terry has one about six or seven awards in the past five years for his articles and poetry from these two organizations.

Terry writes a regular weekly column for The Daily Court Review in Houston. 52 of Terry's articles appear on his law web site http://www.terrylaw.us. Also appearing on Terry's law web site is his booklet "The History of Law".

While in Law School at South Texas College of Law, Terry won first place from the Houston Trial Lawyers Association (then the Association of Trial Lawyers) for his article on pre-natal injury entitled "Killing and maiming excused in Texas if the victim doesn't own a birth certificate". He also was a national winner some years back on his article submitted to Writer's Digest, entitled "Legally seating the Ten Ton Gorilla". This article was a new legal concept for handling family abuse, by bringing both parties in to Court, where abuse is threatened, allowing them access to legal counsel, and establishing court orders to protect the family members from violence. The Courts have moved toward injunctive relief, to ward off family violence, since Terry's article was written many years ago. Whether it played any part in the law changes is unknown.

Terry had an article published in the September, 2000 issue of the Rock & Gem Magazine on his then newly discovered eART SCANNING technique. Rock & Gem Magazine not only published Terry's six page article on eART SCANNING , but also carried a front cover banner, touting Terry's article.Rock & Gem Magazine is one of about the top three U.S. publications on gems, minerals, fossils and supplies.

He has had many more articles published over the years by the BackBenders Gazette and also contributed articles for years in the North Channel Sentinel newspaper. Terry's articles have been published in other publications as well.

Terry has written two copyrighted plays. "The Double Drop-Out" is about an attorney who couldn't go to work for the prestigious firm he wanted to join, because he didn't go to the right law school. In spite of his dating a lady bank, the attorney drops out of the gray flannel society and joins the dreaded motor cycle gang, the Armadillos. The leader of the gang, Dungus Fang sucks his thumb and rides a motorcycle with training wheels. The enforcer for the gang, Animal Odeur works in a ladies' lingerie factory and does floral arrangements on weekends. This roaringly funny comedy was one of five chosen from hundreds by the Country Playhouse in Houston to be presented in about 1999. The other play is also a comedy called "West ways" which is about a hero, fair maiden and villain, along with a cast of a few thousand (about 5) other actors and actresses.

Terry has a self-published an inspiring and beautiful book of poetry, philosophical thoughts, eART SCANS and Pen & Ink Drawings called "Messages of the Mind". He intends to do a second publishing of the book soon.


Terry has been an After Dinner Speaker, Conference Speaker, Magician and Vital Speaker's Program Speaker. He has been a magician for over 50 years. He presents programs to schools, scouts, church groups, bar associations, Chamber of Commerce and civic groups, and many other groups, for many years.


During his entire life, Terry has been interested in natural science, since at least Junior High. Ms. Kennedy at Woodrow Wilson Jr. Hi taught Terry the Phylums, the types of Rocks and many other things about natural history. Terry's first date was with class mate Nettie Kessler on a Hay Ride. While other classmates were cuddled up, Terry and Nettie walked behind the hay ride wagon discussing the amazing things they were learning about natural science. Terry understands that Nettie is a scientist as is her husband and they recently won some type of award in science. They travel world wide on scientific trips.

Terry has been the Curator, General Counsel and Board Chairman for fifteen years, of the PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, which is a FREE Museum. The website for the PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE is http://www.proctormuseum.us.

He is a lifetime member, twice former First Vice-President and 50th Anniversary Show Chairman of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society (HGMS). He is also a former Chairman of the HGMS Paleontology Section.


Terry filed the ONE MILLIONTH law suit in Harris County (Houston) some years back with a front page story on the event and with Judge William Blanton who was there when Terry filed that suit with Suzy Dahms, the Asst. District Clerk.

Terry served three terms as President of the North Harris County Bar Association; served on four Committees of the State Bar of Texas; served on Committees for the Houston Bar Association; served on the Board of the Houston Lawyer Referral Service. Terry was President of the Greater Northeast Chamber of Commerce; President of the Greater Northshore Art League; on the Board of the Baytown Art League; a member of the Water Color Art Society-Houston; and in Terry's early days in Houston, he was President of Greater Northshore Area Jaycees.

He appeared in numerous plays for the Baytown Little Theater; Centre Stage Theatre; San Jacinto College North, Community Theater; and Boston Avenue Methodist Church Theater.

Terry had a small part in the three night mini-series in 1986 called "Space" from James Michener's book by the same title. Stars in the movie included Beau Bridges and Harry Hamlin (Terry's scene was with these two actors) and James Garner.

He also appeared in "A Current Affair" show and a commercial for the Bill Yeoman Show which ad ran on Houston T.V. for about five years. He was in three of the six "Houston Knights" episodes, a short-lived detective series in about 1986 or 1987.

Terry is pretty much self-taught on all creative fronts. but had a lot of guidance and encouragement over the years from his many friends and fellow artists, writers, actors and associates.

Beau Bridges (l) and
Terry Proctor (r) on
the set of movie "Space"
a Paramount film in 1986
based on the book by
James Michener
Terry Proctor and former
Mrs. Texas, Sandy Sheats
on 1989 Set of
"My Fair Lady" at
Baytown Little Theater
Glenn Walker (former Mayor of
Baytown, Texas) and Terry
Proctor on 1988 set of
"Camelot" at
Baytown Little Theater