This is my fifteenth original Christmas poem and twelfth original artwork drawing
for my annual Christmas cards. I hope you enjoy this year's Christmas card.

Christmas 2010

No evil can overcome the love of Christ
This card created to the Glory of God, for Christmas 2010.

Poem was written 4 December 2010
Pen & ink sketch was done 1 June 1997 (date error on above card)
Houston, Texas

      With this poem and drawing, I extend my thanks to my family and friends my wishes for a blessed Christmas and a happy, prosperous and spiritually rewarding 2011.

      I also extend my thanks and appreciation to my fellow attorneys, whether worthy adversaries or simply acquaintances; to the patient Judges who spend so much time and energy administering justice fairly and impartially in our Courts, along with their dedicated staffs of clerks, coordinators, court reporters, bailiffs, staff attorneys and other staff; to my many rockhound friends, with whom I learn a great deal about this old World of ours by digging in the Earth; to my friends in Church who have for years shown their generosity and dedication to serving Christ; to my friends in politics, in both parties and outside a party, who labor to carry on our wonderful democracy in the greatest land on Earth; and especially to those in our Military and who protect us as police and fire personnel, from harm while putting themselves in danger and possible death to do so; to my email friends who provide me with wonderful things on the internet and friendships I treasure. I guess I better stop or my brief letter won't come close to being brief.

Terrell William ‘Terry' Proctor, J.D.