FREE STUFF is a gimmick
with a motive, we admit.

But it is a free honest offer.
We have something
which is new and we
want folks to know
about it!!!
It Is The Means Of Hearing
From Folks And Learning
In What You Have
So we want to have
a way for you to want to
get in touch with us.

To ORDER any of the FREE things on this page, contact us at one of the following:
Phone (713) 450-4700 OR
FAX (713) 453-3232 OR
or 1-800-472-5721 (it will answer Law Office, but just say you are calling about the TERRYCO FREE OFFERS.



We will download the eART SCAN which YOU like BEST from all of the eArt Scans at this site.

Send us an eMail with your name, address, phone and eMail address and we will download to you the eArt Scan you want, in proper size for Wallpaper on your computer. We will also give you directions on how we believe you can load it into your computer's Wallpaper Section to use as the Wallpaper on your computer.

This is a FREE wallpaper. If you want more than one, contact us again and give us another number you wish to have down-loaded. We will down load up to THREE FREE eArt Scans, "Wallpaper" size for your computer. eMail to; or 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX 77015-3766; 713 453-8338; FAX 713 453-3232 and ask for "Free Wallpaper".

If you wish to purchase frameable size eArt prints, click here to go to the Purchase Page which will provide assistance on how to order the prints.


In 2000, Terry Proctor's book "Messages of the Mind" was published. Now YOU may have FREE, downloaded to you three of the almost 50 poems PLUS a number of philosophical thoughts from this inspirational and sometimes witty book.

"Messages of the Mind" was originally published by Terry Proctor as a family book for his family only. Because of its popularity and the timeliness of the patriotic, spiritual and uplifting themes of the poetry and philosophical thoughts, this book is about to be re-published in an edition for the public.

To order the Book, when published, go to the Contact and Prices page in this web site.

For your FREE poems and philosophy contact Terry at; or at 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX 77015-3766; phone 713 453-8338; FAX 713 453-3232. Ask for "Free Poetry Offer". Please remember this work is copyrighted material.

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We will download to YOU, at your request, FREE, the first FIVE items from Terry's book "100 Things You Should Know About The Law and 50 Legal Definitions". Just ask for "FREE--100 Things About Law" and provide your name, address, phone number and eMail address.

The average person may easily compromise a legal claim by doing or not doing things which will harm their claim. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE NOW!!!

Get the first FIVE things FREE and if you think what you see as this sample could be profitable to you, then you can purchase this book by snail mail in book form or on a disk or you can save money by having it downloaded to you by eMail.

If you want to know what you can do to help your attorney win your case or to avoid legal action against you, you need this book. Remember, the first five things are FREE, just for the asking.

To request your FREE downloaded legal Things you should know, contact Terry Proctor at; 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX 77015; 713 453-8338; or FAX 713 453-3232.

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Does digging in the Earth for hidden gemstones, minerals and fossils fascinate you? Does being the first human to ever see a fossil which is millions of years old excite you?

You can receive FREE the interesting article by Terry Proctor entitled "Rockhounding 101", an award winning article which first appeared in the Backbenders Gazette of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society.

Dr. Terry Proctor has written a series of award winning articles for "The Backbenders Gazette", the official publication for the Houston Gem & Mineral Society. Every year for the past three years, Terry has won awards from the "South Central Federation of Mineral Societies" and the "American Federation of Mineralogical Societies" for his scientific articles in the Advanced Adult Articles category.

This article is the basis for a chapter on the same thing, in Terry's Book on rockhounding, including his numerous articles on fossils, gems, minerals, collecting, locations, displaying and other subjects. Just eMail your name, address, phone number and eMail address and ask for "Rockhounding 101" article, for this useful and interesting FREE downloaded article.

If you wish to join the HOUSTON GEM & MINERAL SOCIETY, you may contact this organization at: Houston Gem & Mineral Society, 10805 Booklet, Houston, TX 77099 Phone: (713) 530-0942.

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YOU can take TOURS
AND TRIPS with a
Natural History Museum

For 14 years this wonderful Museum of Natural Science has provided exhibits to the Public for FREE.
You may go through this Museum by contacting the Museum Office at (713) 453-8363 and talking with the Curator, Dr. Terrell William "Terry" Proctor.
If you wish to join the Proctor Museum of Natural Science, dues are only $15 per year for an individual and $25 per year for a family. Call the Museum Office for an application blank.
On Display are gemstones, minerals and a huge quantity of fossils. These include beautiful displays of such things as Amethyst, Quartz, Malachite, Azurite and hundreds more; PLUS dinosaur bones, Mammoth and Mastodon teeth, bones and tusk; fossil fish and thousands more fossils, so that we cannot begin to list them all.
The PMNS has a lovely collection of sea shells, both present and fossil shells, from around the World.
Field trips are on the agenda at the PMNS and are FREE except for you providing your own tools and transportation.
You may contact the Proctor Museum of Natural Science at 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015-3766; by phone at 713 453-8363; by FAX at 713 453-3232. The PMNS is a Texas Not For Profit Corporation.

To visit the Proctor Museum of Natural Science online virtual museum, click here

Would you like to know more about legal matters?

Terrell Wm. "Terry" Proctor, J.D. was requested by the Daily Court Review to write a series of articles, for lay persons, about various areas of law. They are written in simple lay language to help folks understand things about the law which may appear complicated.

These articles appear weekly in the Daily Court Review, but permission has been obtained from the Daily Court Review to republish those articles FREE to YOU as downloads on your computer.

Just send us your name, address, phone number and eMail address and ask for "DCR FREE Articles". These will be downloaded to you on your computer, without charge. Later these articles will be collected into a book which may be purchased for a reasonable sum and sold. However, for now you can get the articles FREE as a courtesy of Dr. Proctor and the Daily Court Review.
If you wish to contact the Daily Court Review, attn: Milton Morin, Editor, P.O. Box 1889, Houston, TX 77251-1889 Phone (713) 869-5434 or FAX (713) 869-8887.

For an index of those articles and/or to directly download the articles, go to Dr. Proctor's Law Office Website, which is and click on "Articles" there. Then select which one or more of the 52 Articles you want to read and it is online for you.
The Book will later have all of these plus Dr. Proctor's Booklet "The History of Law", Contact us for publication date.

If you wish to purchase any books, booklets, articles or poems, click here to go to the Books, Booklets & Articles Page.

More FREE things are in the works so visit us often. THANK YOU!!!!