PEN & INK Drawings

By Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.


Most all of the almost 100 Pen & Ink Drawings by Terry Proctor have been drawn since about 1996 with the bulk from 1998 on.

Terry drew many of these while in the Courtroom, waiting on his case to be called or waiting on a jury or other time which was just sitting, waiting and would have gone to waste. Terry chose instead to do these intricate, detailed drawings, usually using some 8½" x 11" photocopy paper and the same Pilot Precise 7 black pen he uses for law work.

In most of his Pen & Ink drawings, Terry includes live things such as insects, spiders, mammals, turtles, fish, frogs and other animal life along with very detailed plant life in many cases. You will also notice the variety of rock surfaces, crops and other living thing.

Once Terry caught a client studying one of his Pen & Ink drawings for an exceedingly long time. Terry inquired if there was a problem. The client said "Yes, I haven't been able to find what you hid in the drawing yet". Terry realized that he failed to include something alive in this Pen & Ink drawing and the client was diligently trying to locate what was actually not there. That made Terry realize how much people like to find the little hidden things he puts in his Pen & Ink drawings (and many of his water colors and other art work as well). Even in Terry's eART SCANS of real flowers, he has, on occasions, hidden insects and lizards, which are pretty well hidden.

We hope you enjoy viewing these Pen & Ink Sketches. As time permits we will be adding others. ENJOY!!!

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These are eArt Scans of actual original Pen & Ink Drawing.
They are not photographs of the Drawings, but the actual Drawing
scanned directly into the computer by Dr. Proctor
using his eART SCANNING technique

Autumn Tree #2
1996 Drawing
Item # -12
Deep Woods #2
1997 Drawing
Item # -42
Collection of Geometric
Figures#1 1999
Item # -77
Animal Friends
1997 Drawing
Item # -50
Mesa #7
1998 Drawing
Item # -67
Castle & Dragon #2
1998 Drawing
Who Wins?
Item # -70
Walk in the Deep
Woods #1 1998
Item # -73
Pelican on Pier
1999 Drawing
Item # -76
Christmas in the Woods
1999 Christmas Card
Item # -78
Scary Tree
for Halloween 2001
Item # -83
Psychedelic Scary Tree
for Halloween 2001
Item # -83P
Lighthouse #5
2001 Drawing
Item # -84
Christ with World
Trade Center
2001 Christmas Card
Item # -85
Christ viewing a
Troubled World
2002 Christmas Card
Item # -89
Spanish Ship on
Spanish Beach
1998 Drawing
Item # -71

There are many more, so we will be adding more as we have time to scan more of the almost 100 Pen & Ink Drawings by Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D. These are copyrighted drawings. See HOME PAGE for information on this proprietary work.

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