eArt Scan of
White Orchids & Purple Clematis
1 of over 100
Pen & Ink Drawings
Black Sails in the
Sunset--1 of
about 50 paintings
Three Pelicans wading in surf at
McFaddin Beach

You are reminded that all art work on this site is copyrighted by the Artist, Terrell William 'Terry' Proctor, J.D.. None may be reproduced without specific written permission from the Artist. This includes paintings, pen & ink drawings, eArt Scans and photography. This work is for sale by contacting the Artist below.

When printing eArt Scans and Photos not all sizes fit into routine print and poster sizes as the ratios are not the same. Hence in a given print or poster size, there may be some white edge or some portion of an eArt Scan or photo may be cut off in making the print or photo. At present we cannot control this, but we want to make you aware of it. For instance 20" x 30" Poster size is pretty much compatible with the original eArt Scan size so that little or nothing is lost. However on 10" x 12" the size almost is never completely compatible..

The solution is trimming the print or poster to the size of the image and having a frame made compatible to the size of such print or poster OR by matting with uneven matting so that 2 sides are not the same width as the other two.

Please note that the prices on this page are for regular prints of items. These are not the pricing for the signed numbered limited editions which are considerable higher.

Prices shown are just the print and do not include matting or framing.

~Larger prints and posters are on Epson photo paper and inks which Epson represents has a 108 year colorfast life. Smaller prints use Kodak material and I do not know the color fast life, but the color are not as vibrant as Epson.

8" x 10"
8" X 12"
12" x 12"
~11" x 14"
~12" x 16"
~16" x 20"
~20" x 24"
~20" x 30"

All Prints and Posters are original artwork and photos by Terrell William 'Terry' Proctor, J.D.--some information
Nominated by Sen. Don Henderson for the Texas Legislature's 'Texas Artist of the Year" in 1986
His watercolor Painting "Honey Bee": Hung in the office of the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court when Hon. John Hill held that office; and in the office of Assoc. Justice Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, when Hon. Marvin Teague held that office; it is in about 15 to 20 States, about 8 foreign countries, owned by former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush (hand written letter written by Barbara Bush to authenticate this); owned by former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush (before he became Governor and President); there are over 2,500 copies released of the issue. A few remain. Terry has been Past President of the Greater Northshore Art League and was on the Board of the Baytown Art League. He was a member of WAS-H for a number of years. This is but a partial listing of associations and honors. Terry is also an award winning writer, who has been nationally recognized.

Contact information: Terrell William 'Terry' Proctor, J.D. 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015-3766; law office phone (713) 453-8338; FAX (713) 453-3232; email: auraman@swbell.net; website: www.terryco.us;

Also you may contact Diana Saufley, www.DianaSaufleyDesigns.com; cell phone 281 705-5091, the Artist's daughter who is an interior designer and has the right to act as an agent for sale of art work.